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Ugly Christmas Sweater Cookies

My church's youth group is having an ugly sweater party tonight, complete with a Baking Contest.  Since I am a local celebrity and all (you know, the kind of celebrity that you see late at night on the weather channel being filmed during a massive tornado saying something like, "Its like, windy out."  Yeah.  Thats me.) I was asked to be a judge!

Then Mr. Chris, the Youth Pastor, decided it would be neat if I could make a couple cookies for the winners.  Two winners.  One for taste and the other for festive-ness.

Seeing as I am cutting edge in terms of fashion* I knew I needed to do some 'ugly sweater' research.  I gotta tell ya, it was thebest research ever.

*Please tell me that flour and peanut butter covered Hanes t-shirts and jeans are cutting edge.

Here are some of my favorites.


Pics from 



I think I recognize a relative in there.  This keen sense of style might run in the family.

But! This is a baking blog so I figure I will show you the two cookies I made.


This is my 'busy'' ugly Christmas sweater.  

I am most certainly not saying it is based on anything in my closet.  


And this is my 'weird eyed rudolf with a red nose that sticks out way too far and is covered with gravy and mashed potatos by the end of the night' ugly Christmas sweater.

Again, these are not similar to anything that might currently reside in my home.


Since they are supposed to be a prize (I feel sorry for the winners!) I made them big... they are bigger then my hand.


It was so much fun to make, I cant wait to make more!  

As a matter of fact, I think I am going to host an "Ugly Christmas Sweater Cookie Contest" next year. With a fabulously awesome prize!!! 

Get your creative cap on.. you only have a year to create the most hideous sweater cookie you can think of! :)

I used my favorite sugar cookie recipe and glaze icing.

Merry Christmas!

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